August Jacob Georg Rittmeyer

August Jacob Georg Rittmeyer
06.02.1883 (Moldsen ) - 28.05.1956 (Diepholz )

Family Rittmeyer

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Wappen Familie Rittmeyer / Rittmeier

Wappen Vers. 1
Rittmeyer / Rittmeier
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The previously collected information on genealogy Rittmeyer represent only the tip of the iceberg. Over the centuries, generations of descendants were born with the surname Rittmeyer that are not yet explored with respect to region and time period. In recent decades, the genealogy was even more difficult, as our ancestors have regionally mixed due to mobility and industrialization and mix even further in the future.

A comprehensive study is not possible without a genealogy in state and church institutions, which are often carried out in different locations. Here, fees are payable as archiving costs, entrance fees and movie rental fees and travel costs, accommodation costs and parking fees, which are paid normally by the individual genealogists.

If you wish to participate as a sponsor of the costs, please let us know by email.

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For sponsors who want to take over the costs of a complete research day in state and church institutions as in Schwerin, Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg (the standard rate of € 50, - per day), we will create for the sponsor an independent website via a separate subdomain (eg with family data of the sponsor.



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