Gottfried Ferdinand Rittmeier

Gottfried Ferdinand Rittmeier
03.11.1846 (Weklitz ) - 05.05.1922 (Weklitz )

Family Rittmeyer

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Wappen Familie Rittmeyer / Rittmeier

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Rittmeyer / Rittmeier
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For the family research on this Web site 5362 persons were recorded with variants of the family name Rittmeyer / Rittmeier so far. Of this amount, according to person registry the follwoing name variants Rittmeyer (2036), Rittmeier (1940), Riethmayer (266), Riedmeyer (129), Rietmeyer (126), Rittmayer (90), Rethmeier (84), Rittmaier (81), Reitmeyer (75), Rietmair (65), Riethmeyer (43), Reitemeier (30), Ritmeyer (30), Rietmayer (27), Reitemeyer (26), Reitmeier (24), Riedmaier (21), Rietmayr (20), Riedmajer (20), Riettmeyer (18), Ritmeier (18), Ridmaier (18), Rietmeier (17), Ridmeyer (15), Rietmaier (15), Riedmeier (14), Rietmajer (11), Rithmayer (11), Riedmayer (9), Riedtmeyer (8), Riedmair (7), Riedmayr (7), Riethmair (7), Retmaier (6), Ridtmair (5), Retmeyer (5), Rieckmeyer (4), Reckmeier (4), Rettmeier (4), Rettmaier (3), Retmeier (3), Riehtmaier (3), Riettmaier (3), Rittmeir (3), Riedtmayr (3), Rithmeyer (2), Rettmeir (1), Reckmehr (1), Riehtmeyer (1), Rietmeyr (1), Riettmayer (1) und Rithmeier (1) occurred, the number of people are specified in brackets.

The surname Rittmeyer / Rittmeier was first found in 1544 in a church record by Aichstetten (TBD) . Particularly common the surnames Rittmeyer / Rittmeier were observed according to location registry in Nesselröden (1033), Memmingen (483), Wingerode (299), Steinbach (154) und Lindau (118). Regions with high prevalence could be determined in Göttingen (Niedersachsen, 1389), Eichsfeld (Thüringen, 474), Warendorf (Nordrhein-Westfalen, 119), Forchheim (Bayern, 95) und Ansbach (Bayern, 83) in the given total number of events specified in brackets (for details see also Maps).

New research approach using DNA

We have gathered and analyzed enough family data on the family name Rittmeyer / Rittmeier to try to find out which family branches are related to each other, or from which regions the individual family branches originally originated. Experienced ancestry portals like Family Tree DANNMyHeritage, Ancestry, 23andMe and IGENEA provide valuable services by comparing specific DANN segments of individuals and providing assessments of family relationships and responses. This research approach by DANN is conventionally referred to as a genetic genealogy in which genetics is applied to genealogy. They use DANN analyzes of the human genome to determine or at least estimate the degree of kinship between individuals or their descent (see also Wikipedia).

Frequently, the expectations of DANN test persons are very high in the evaluation capabilities of providers such as Family Tree DANN and MyHeritage. But beware; the providers compare only DANN segments and report "matches" of segments between two people who have submitted a DANN test. It is up to the DANN test persons, with other match persons in mutual dialogue, to find out for which own line the kinship applies. For this purpose, exact knowledge of all ancestors of all lines, especially birth places and family names, is necessary, and not just knowledge about the ancestors of the paternal line of the same family name. And, as a rule, matches are generations back, and most of the matches are not matched with the ancestors of the direct paternal line of the same family name. For this reason, DANN test persons can join projects in which DANN is compared and evaluated between DANN test persons with the same surename. This approach increases the probability that the family relationships of DANN test persons with the same family name are actually enlightened, provided that a comprehensive knowledge database on all ancestors with the same family name is available at the same time.

Project Concept

I have registered as an administrator for the project Rittmeier / Rittmeyer“ on the internet platform Family Tree DANN and in this function coordinate all DANN tests of persons with the family names listed in the overview (see above). There are two ways to join this project:

  • You register yourself with Family Tree DANN, order a DANN test and join the project "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer" (link to join project)
  • I will create for you a Family Tree DANN account and order for you the DANN test, which you send to Family Tree DANN and link the results to the project "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer".

I offer all services free of charge for persons who carry the family name Rittmeier or Rittmeyer or who carry this girl's name from birth so that you only have to bear the costs for the DANN test. This offer also includes the fact that I create the root table of your ancestors free of charge for you in Family Tree DANN.

Einstieg für InteressierteBenefits Project Participation 

And what are the advantages of taking part in the DANN project "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer"?: 

1.      All known family branches come from regions (e.g., Eichsfeld or Hannover) which are not their region of origin. The DANN test reveals the regions of origin of the family branches, and the nationality (for example, the people of the Celts) of the ancestors of the ancient world (900 BC to 900 AD).

2.      The origin of the family name "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer" has not yet been definitively secured. Only the analysis of the family name in the regions of origin well before 1650 will clarify whether the family branches have always belonged to the family name "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer" or the family name developed from other variants (for example Riedmeyer or Reitemeier).

 3.     There are so far no findings on the relationship between the family strains / branches of the different regions of origin. The DANN test makes it clear by the haplogroup which family branches are related to each other, or in which regions descendants (for example, emigration generations in the USA or refugees from the former eastern territories such as West and East Prussia) have to search for unknown ancestors.

 4.    Only a few persons know all their living relatives. For the most diverse reasons, we do not know any living relatives from the 3rd degree at the latest or do not know where they live. The FamilyTreeDNA database provides information about all DANN matches between potential relatives and allows contact to find relatives.

In this way, participation in the DANN project "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer" continues the research into the family name "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer" and opens up new possibilities for family research to find deceased ancestors and living relatives.

Herausgeber der Webseite, Lutz Rittmeier aus Eckernförde

Project Administrator 

Administrator of the project "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer" is Lutz Rittmeier from 24340 Eckernförde in Germany. As the administrator of the project, Lutz Rittmeier is a particularly suitable contact person for all those who life in countries such as the USA, Australia or Brazil and who are looking for their ancestors in Germany, since he has extensive experience in family research in German archives, can evaluate old German writings like Süttelin and maintains a comprehensive knowledge database about persons with the family name "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer" (see tabs name and place register).

All familial data and DANN data are proccessed and published according to the attached data protection declaration. 

You would like to join the project "Rittmeier / Rittmeyer" or have questions, simply send an email and I will get in contact with you.

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