Emil Michael Rittmeier

Emil Michael Rittmeier
27.09.1901 (Wöklitz ) - 31.03.1945 (Russland )

Family Rittmeyer

- Family tree Author -

Wappen Familie Rittmeyer / Rittmeier

Wappen Vers. 2
Rittmeyer / Rittmeier
Ausgabe in deutscher Sprache Edition in English


We distinguish between the Genealogy which exclusively deals with the detection of direct ancestors - these are, the direct lines or main lines - and the genealogy that also takes the siblings of the direct ancestors - these are, the side lines - into account. A detection also of siblings is important, since this often results in lessons that are important for scrutinizing additional ancestors generations of the last proven ancestor (eg birthplaces or godfathers of siblings who are not known from the progenitor, which allow conclusions / research approaches to find out the parents of the previous ancestor).

The previously proven progenitor of the publisher of this website is Digital Family chronicle Rittmeyer / Rittmeier including family trees, register of birth, death and marriage, register and maps of locations and picture galleries. The descendants of Jacob Gottlieb Rittmeyer are in the following selectable Family Tree (ancestor as the reference person is at the top). For the sake of data protection still living persons are listed in the family trees without the date of birth. The family trees are available as PDF file (overall summary) and for Ancestry members family trees are available under Ancestry.de (persons may be individually evaluated). Furthermore, under Ancestry.de you may evaluate family trees, as far as the ancestors of the caregiver are also recorded.





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